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6 Reasons Why To Use Animated Videos For Your Company

Animation videos are the perfect medium for conveying ideas that are challenging to describe. Professional videographers from Studio Seven can produce compelling animation videos that showcase your company or product to your audience anywhere in the world. Let's discuss why it is superior to other content categories. The following are some reasons why animated video is superior to text, infographics, and live-action video content:


  • Animated Videos Appear More Visual

The fact that animated video is rich media is the main justification for employing it. Images of special media moments are frequently used to create videos via this sensory-engaging visual medium, it is easy and effective to communicate important ideas. The best aspect is that viewers retain more information after viewing a graphic than they do after reading words. 90% of information that is sent to the brain is visual, and the brain processes visual information 60,000 times more quickly than it does text.


  • Animated Videos are Appealing Psychologically

Cartoon watching is one of our oldest and possibly favourite memories of being young. Cartoons are so engrossing because they're colourful, entertaining, and above all else, fun. Animated video is no exception the fact that the human brain is drawn to moving pictures for some reason. Animated video is an investment that is worthwhile if you want people to emotionally connect with your content.


  • Animated videos cut the digital "noise"

Content shock is a major challenge that affects all enterprises. Nevertheless, because there is so much ‘noise’ in the digital environment, content creators must figure out how to differentiate their work from the competition.

Content marketing is surrounded by a lot of ‘noise,’ thus one method to stand out.

Animation in the video is a fantastic medium for carrying out that goal.


  • Animated Videos are Cost-Effective

One of the biggest issues most video producers face is a lack of a substantial budget. One of the top three reasons given by 41% of marketers for delaying the usage of video is a lack of funding. A  live-action video costs include finding the right actors, selecting a venue, getting the right equipment, and paying for video production. Online video creation may be made simple and cost-effectively with Studio Seven's exceptional Animation and VFX team.


  • Animated Videos Scale Your Business

A challenge is a need for more content creation in video production. As your business grows, more fascinating content is in demand. You might first need a film that explains your product or service. You quickly begin to create gated resources that demand supplementary films. Perhaps, even more difficult, you must produce a training video that aids your team in implementing a new procedure for your customers.

The difficulty of content creation is increased by the complexity of the video. Yet producing numerous videos with animated videos is quite easy. Simply consider the graphics, compose the narrative, and create the storyboard, and before you know it, we are creating another video!


  • It is Simple to Update Animated Videos

Content production has increased significantly over the last few years, and for good cause. But one of the issues is updating all of your outdated content. Updating content is difficult regardless of whether you're a trainer updating compliance knowledge, a salesperson evaluating previous presentations or a marketer rebranding!

Yet, video content poses an even bigger challenge. If you use live-action video, you simply cannot re-shoot sequences or change essential aspects of your message without taking several factors into account. Yet in that field, the animated video shines. Videos that are animated are more adaptable since they are easier to update. You can go back and edit the text, the animations, or even the entire video.



Wrap Up

A dynamic and adaptable medium like animated video may take your company journey story to the next level. It provides a fun and interesting alternative to text content, avoids the limitations associated with live-action video, and transforms static infographics into a highly entertaining ‘guided tour’ around the content.

Use animated videos to improve your visual content! Studio Seven has been producing animated videos for several businesses with success for many years. With the help of our collection of animation tools, we can add the figures, graphs, and accessories required to demonstrate why your product is the best choice on the market!