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Why video production is important in the corporate world?

Growing up watching a lot of corporate advertisements during commercial breaks on television, it's possible that you even had feelings for some of them. But by this point, you must have realized that all those features, which to your uninformed eye resembled bells and whistles formed a part of a brand's marketing plan to draw you into its conversion funnel. In other words, it has existed for as long as we can remember and is what we refer to as video marketing.

However, the approach to corporate video marketing and the methods of delivering video content has changed as a result of the current upsurge in creativity and resources. We state that it has worked wonders for new and established businesses because of the Internet's focused reach and affordability.

If you haven't thought about it, let us explain why corporate video production is crucial for your company. Furthermore, while it's possible that right now is a good moment to begin considering it, keep in mind that many factors affect how films portray your company. By considering their needs, a well-made, compelling film aids your company in creating a personal connection with potential clients.


Here are some reasons why corporate video production is important if you want to elevate your online presence, in more detail:

  • By making reference to the audience's everyday issues and how your solutions can address them, videos help them gain a deeper grasp of your products through an engaging story. This immediately fosters mutual understanding between them and aids in the development of trust.
  • You have more opportunities to show it to your target audience if you use effective video marketing methods and sizable social media platforms.
  • Corporate videos provide more information in less time and in a style that is easier to understand. The likelihood of conversion rises as a result.
  • You can stand out from the crowd with the aid of strong videos


How to maximize the potential of corporate video content?

The following tips will offer you a general idea of how to create videos that ensure high chances of conversion if you are just starting with video production.


  • Make appealing thumbnails:

Create engaging thumbnails since a video is useless if no one watches it. Therefore, creating a thumbnail that might encourage clicks is crucial. As an illustration, research was done on two films that each had two different thumbnails with two different images. One was grinning and the other wasn't. The lead generator who had a smile raised conversion rates by 10.7% and brought in more leads.


  • Keep it short and entertaining

A video is meaningless if viewers stop viewing it mid-stream. It should be brief and interesting to adequately convey your message. A little humour will do wonders for your videos.


  • Use your video on the landing page

Though keeping videos on a landing page might seem easy, it has been shown to increase conversion rates by an average of 80%. Seem like a very large percentage, doesn’t it?


  • Share personalized videos with your targeted audience

People that care about others are simple to trust, and your potential customers are no exception. People are more likely to trust your content when you send them personalized videos through emails to your targeted audience. Why? They get the idea that you genuinely care when you do this. Result? More and more conversions!


Wrap Up

In this article, we've examined how video production might aid in business growth from a variety of perspectives. Additionally, Studio Seven, an event content production studio will assist you in developing high-quality 2D, and 3D video content, VFX, and Animations, along with a successful video marketing plan! Get in touch today!