Our Process

The Exploring & Briefing

Got an idea?
We are all ears!
We are here to understand your ideas and give them life. Tell us about your business & brand and let’s explore the industry together further and deeper.

The Brand Study

We study your brand in manifold characters and do every bit to accumulate important information for the industry. This stage is all about teaming up, knowing your brand, and examining ideas that will help us to give art direction to every piece.

The Script

A video script basically highlights everything that is going to be seen on it, including its settings, props, voice-overs, animations, actors, and more. We desire you to stand out from others! And with all our study & summary, we pen down the most excellent script possible to reach your goals and outline your brand story like never before.

The Voiceover

Looking for an excellent voice for your classic story?
Do not worry anymore. Our extraordinary team of experts from diverse parts of the world will make sure to record your story based on the favored language and accent.

The Storyboard & Design

We illustrate the storyboard to highlight the chief actions in the video and create the characters that will suit your brand in the best possible way!