What We Do

Our Services

Studio Seven is a video production agency helping businesses and brands achieve their goals with video. We make it a point to communicate with your audiences in their language about what’s in their mind. Simple, exceptional, appealing, and powerful work is our benchmark.


We will help you in creating, curating, and utilizing an excellent video strategy with precise targeting, tactics, and messaging to help reach your target audience.

02. Corporate Videos

Studio Seven is a full-service corporate film production house that can support you to put in motion your brand personality, strengthen customer trust, train staff, explain complicated products, and much more.

03. Studio Seven’s Content Making Expertise


04. Aerial, Videography, & Photography

With breathtaking aerial Videography and Photography, showcase your business plant in the spotlight. We are extremely delighted to create some creatively exciting and amazing aerial videos or photography for you.

05. 2D & 3D Animation

We love to create 2D and 3D animation videos with a lot of humor and communicating your story strongly.

06. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are quick online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service. We are here to explain your exceptional ideas by creating explainer videos in a simple and unique manner.

07. Digital AD Films

Studio Seven is a professional and dedicated media production house for ad film production. Our work principles are based on comprehensive services, accuracy & pricing, an intangible quality that gives more worth to your money and to your brand.

08. Product Shoots

Having a team backed by powerful photography skills will undoubtedly help you to attractively represent your brand.

Our Strategy

clients first

We put our clients first

transform your marketing

We are here to transform your marketing

delivering projects on time

We love delivering projects on time without any fuss

maximum BANG at minimum BUCK!

Our commitment is simple: To give you maximum BANG at minimum BUCK!

What you will get

We believe that excellent work is performed with compelling ideas, talent, and collaboration. When it comes to our client's aspirations and goals, we leave no stone unturned. We might just give you extra but never less.

01. Optimize Cost

We provide cost-effective resolutions to all your obstacles. We constantly endeavor towards offering innovative films irrespective of the cost or the expense.

02. Best Services

We have an extensive range of services to offer. From developing the concept to the final video or you need anything in between them like shoot, animation, editing, DI color grading, etc., we are just a phone call away.

03. Quality Work

We have forever stood by the quality of our work as opposed to the quantity. We believe that even if you are producing just one film, let that stand out as the best one. Compromising with quality is unjustifiable at Studio Seven.

04. Fast Turnaround Time

We don’t take quality time to create quality work. Once you are on board, you are and will remain our priority until the ultimate deliverable has been delivered. Your brand is as valuable to us, as it is to you.

05. Proficient Team

Each member comes with an enriched background and skills, not to forget, passion for the art. We are here to shape your brand, promote your idea, boost conversions, and manage the workflow from pre- to post-production.


Featured Clients

We have worked with some of the world's greatest brands, along with renowned creative agencies.