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We are a film production company that focuses on professional video production and post-production services delivered with excellence. By working closely with you, we develop your idea into a meticulously planned production schedule. We cater to your varied needs keeping a variety of budgets in mind. Hence, our customized, budget-focused approach allows us to produce a range of small and large scale films.

Here's how we do it

studioseven pre production

Pre - production

We believe in creativity & innovation, and so, it is very important for us to know you and your topic well, so that, our creativity does not become an obstacle in creating the showcase of your brand or product in the most unique way. In our pre-production phase, we make sure that we do all the leg work right from conceptualising, to scripting, to casting, to shot lists, so that your shoot days become hassle free as well as memorable. We make sure that the shoot is meticulously scheduled in a way that every component in the video effectively translates your end goal.

studioseven production


Lights, camera, action! This is when we with the help of a well experienced team, in-house shoot studio & high quality equipments; execute our carefully crafted plan within an effective schedule to make the most of all our time. Our on-set team makes sure that we effectively achieve all that we have envisioned to make your video the best we can. We at Studio Seven work really hard to make Shoot Day the most fun, effective and inspiring time we have together. All of these aspects together helps create a time and cost effective production. 

studioseven post production

Post production

Post-production is the last piece of the puzzle for achieving the ‘perfect film.’ As your associate and friend by now, we handhold you uptill the end. By cleaning up your audio and, and removing all the unseemly wires and objects from the selected shots, we make sure that the masterpiece we deliver is worth promoting on any social platform. As we reach post production, we hand over the filmed footage to our editing team for cut, down and assembly of the scenes in order. We believe that a well edited video is like a piece of art in which each scene is shot uniquely & is paced to it’s own rhythm, ensuring you’re your message is communicated effectively, in an storytelling way to engage the viewer. Things like music, graphics, and titles are also added to give the video its final touches. This is how we maintain the continuity of the work and create films of exceptional quality.